LineOfCode|Beta Program


If we look back in time, we can realize how much Computer programming has gained popularity and how it has changed lives of millions all around the Globe. From finding solutions to modern problems, to unfolding mysteries, computer programming has grown and has highly influenced our day to day life.
With so much of need for programmers in today’s world, numerous resources are available for anyone to start to learn computer programming now.

However as programmers we might sometimes ignore the importance of understanding what a specific block of code in our program does exactly or how does it complete its expected task and rather just focus on the result we got altogether. Also sometimes a programmer might face issues just because he/she has taken code references from multiple tutorials or resources and now cannot co-relate it anymore to get the needful result. Understanding the code you are writing can lower the chances of errors or bugs to a great extend. This is the main reason for developing an app like LineOfCode which will not only connect developers/programmers together but also help programmers at every level to gain better conceptual understanding of programming.

Facing difficulty in finding the cause of the error in your code? Facing difficulty in understanding a code block? Want to convert a code snippet to some other language? Try using LineOfCode for finding the solutions to all your questions related to programming on the go.

LineOfCode is a minimal Q&A community android app for programmers to connect and share knowledge, which will consume a very little of your mobile’s battery and data usage.

LineOfCode is built with the main motive of helping people understand programming a little better. It aims to provide a platform for programmers at any level for posting any question related to programming along with a code snippet and also share their knowledge with the world.

LineOfCode(Beta version) is available in Google Playstore now. If you’re a programmer join the community today and get access to its features before its final version is released.

Download the beta version of this app and provide your valuable feedback for elevating the further development and improvement of this application.

Link to app’s download page :-


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